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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edward Chen- I Cannot Hide From You

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Anonymous said...

I Cannot Hide From You

You have tapped into my heart
You know everything about me
You see my deepest thoughts
And every corner of my soul

Each swing of step I take
And know my words before I speak it
Every place that I have been
And every place that I will go

I cannot hide from You
You know me all too well
There's no story of my life
That Your memory could not tell

I can ride the morning wings
'Till I'm completely out of You
Whether in dark or light (every moment of my heart)
I cannot hide from You

Long before I drew first breath
You already knew my secrets
You watch a sight more for
Out of sight from human eyes

Your Spirit is with me
And I'm always seen Your presence
When I sat and when I stand
When I sleep and when I rise
I cannot hide from You

You turned my heart from wicked place
Searched the whispers of my mind
And lead me on the road
That will take me home
To everlasting love