"There's always NEW LIFE with the LORD, no matter how old we are or how hard our circumtances."

"Every new year- and, in reality, EVERY NEW DAY - IS an opportunity to start over and do things in a manner pleasing to GOD."~Charles F.Stanley~

"I call heaven and earth as witnesses TODAY against you, that I have set before you LIFE and death, blessing and cursing; THEREFORE CHOOSE LIFE, that both you and your descendants may LIVE" [Deuteronomy 30:19]

"There is surely a hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off." [Proverb 23:18]


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

True Worshippers - Teach Me

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Anonymous said...

Teach Me

Teach me to worship You
Teach me to adore You
I want to love You
With my whole being

To learn to praise Your name
Each day to do the same
Teach me o Lord the way
To worship You

I want to worship You
I want to adore You
I want to love You
With my whole being

To force my sin away
To look upon Your face
And understand Your grace
O lord my God