"There's always NEW LIFE with the LORD, no matter how old we are or how hard our circumtances."

"Every new year- and, in reality, EVERY NEW DAY - IS an opportunity to start over and do things in a manner pleasing to GOD."~Charles F.Stanley~

"I call heaven and earth as witnesses TODAY against you, that I have set before you LIFE and death, blessing and cursing; THEREFORE CHOOSE LIFE, that both you and your descendants may LIVE" [Deuteronomy 30:19]

"There is surely a hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off." [Proverb 23:18]


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Sunday, March 23, 2008

City Harvest Church - Free


Anonymous said...


Where there is night, there'll be a shining light through the darkness
So the world can see
Where there is faith, His power will be released
Believe and reach for the things unseen

Where there is pain, there will be eternal love
Breaks the cages, sets the heart to fly
Where there is hope, there'll be a dream for all
Where there is Jesus, there is liberty

And I'm free
You've paid the price
For on the cross my sins are washed
I'm free
To sing Your love and dance with joy
Your truth has set me free

And I'm free
I'm free

Free, Your true love has set me free
Free, in You I've found my liberty

Anonymous said...

nice song
thx for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

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